1. Lately
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Lately I’ve needed a tough of Your grace, Over and Over
When I face trials that test my faith, over and over
In my weakness, You are my strength
Help me to trust in You
When I don’t have all the answers
To the questions asked of me,
And I can’t explain these troubled times
Let me be a reflection of Your light to show the way
That all may find, peace in Christ
Lately, I need more of You

Lately, I’ve longed for a glimpse of Your Face, looking toward heaven.
To feel your presence every day, flowing inside me.
Having Your Word hidden in my heart,
that I may not sin against You
When doubts and temptation wage war against my soul
May I shine brightly with Your Love
Overcoming evil with the power of the cross
That my might life may show it’s You I know, I know
Lately, I need more of You.

Lately, I need more of You, flowing inside me
Lately, I need a touch of Your grace, over and over
Lately I need more of You.